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  • 8 Simulation

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    The third of Newton's laws of motion states that every action is attended by an equal and opposite reaction.


    8.1 Small scale

    • if a drip of blue ink drops into a cup of milk, the drip transfers a momentum

      the milk responds with a needle-shaped shockwave as reaction


    8.2 Large scale

    • if a bomb is detonated foundation of a building, the explosion transfers a momentum inside the rock earth

      the rock earth responds with a shockwave as reaction that is needle-shaped in the case of ground-level explosions


    8.3 Model: the induced shockwave as soliton under the South Tower

    Effect of a soliton

    Model (modified):

    • building is opened on the side by the impact of the plane

      the pressure equalization is guaranteed at the level of the impact

    • a shockwave expands in the rockbed where it is reflected when reaching maximum pressure; it then takes the line of the least resistance through the destroyed elevator shafts: upwards

      The formation of soliton is thus ensured

    • the superhot soliton shooting up pushes the top of the building aside like on a hinge and stops it – acting like an engaging stop bolt

      As a result, the angular momentum disappears during the freefall

    • the superhot soliton is compressed by the falling top and touches the outer walls

      The steam explosions and thus the destruction of the outer structures begin

    8.4 Comparison of the observed destruction stages with a model

    8.4.1 Impact of the plane


    • it is confirmed/documented that the building was also opened on the opposite side

    Source (impact of the plane):

    8.4.2 Formation of a channel to the basement, elevator shafts start to get connected


    • it is confirmed/documented that explosions occurred on the ground floor and in the elevator shafts

    Source @ 01:09 (explosion on the ground floor):

    8.4.3 Ignition – start of circular propagation of a shockwave in the ground


    • the presence of uranium fission products in the dust samples is confirmed/documented

    Source (edited, original by Dimitri A. Khalezov):

    8.4.4 Formation of non-radioactive iron isotopes and steel droplets due to absorption of fast neutrons


    • abundant presence of steel droplets in the dust samples is confirmed/documented

    Source (steel droplets):

    8.4.5 Outpouring liquid metal from the building's fissures


    • outpouring streams of molten steel are confirmed/documented

    Source @ 00:56 (outpouring liquid metal):

    8.4.6 Reflected shockwave returning to the center of the explosion, soliton formation starts


    • registration of the shockwaves is confirmed/documented

    Source (soliton model):
    Source (soliton equation):
    Source (seismic analysis):

    8.4.7 Upshooting iron vapor reaching the altitude of the impact zone – pressure equalization takes place


    • material ejection and building's 'sighing' prior to the collapse confirmed/documented

    Source (pressure equalization):

    8.4.8 Soliton neutralizes the angular momentum at 15°


    • sudden stop of the rotating top confirmed/documented

    Source (top of the tower breaking off):

    8.4.9 Soliton is compressed and pushed against the outer walls – the result being the start of steam explosions


    • multiple steam explosions with material ejection on the facade are confirmed/documented

    Source @00:04 (steam explosions):

    8.4.10 Complete disintegration of the building, soliton breaks through the top of the South Tower


    • formation of an outer mushroom cloud and an inner, central cloud confirmed/documented

    Source (soliton breaking through):

    8.4.11 Settling dust revealing building structures still standing near the basement


    • building structures still standing near the basement are confirmed/documented

    Source @08:06 (formation of the "Spire"):

    8.4.12 Cleanup – high levels of radioactivity only directly above the melting pot


    • melting pot of formerly molten rock confirmed/documented

    Source (melting pot):

    8.4.13 The cover-up – outshining the Cherenkov radiation


    • installation of searchlights with the same wavelength as the Cherenkov radiation is confirmed/documented

    Source (Cherenkov radiation):

    8.4.14 Sealing the grounds – installation of radiation shields


    • installation of water pools confirmed/documented

    Source (radiation protection shield):

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