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  • nuclear blackmail by the U.S.
  • private banking cartells
  • state controlled media
  • secret prisons
  • wars for profit
  • killing drones
  • torture camps
  • disinformation
  • intimidation
  • RFID chips
  • NSA spys
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  • 3 Building no. 7

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    Did you know that on this very day a third tower disappeared in a gigantic mushroom cloud?

    Source @05:35:

    Rising mushroom cloud after the destruction of Building no. 7

    Did you know that in addition to the dustwave on groundlevel a mushroom cloud rose up rapidly hundreds of meters?

    Source @12:32:

    3.1 The mushroom cloud

    Did you know that this mushroom cloud was highly energetic and formed a vortex (hose) just like the ones that are usually seen after nuclear weapon tests?

    Source 1 @13:09:
    Source 2:

    Rising mushroom cloud after the destruction of Building no. 7

    Source @12:20:

    Sudden collapse of Building no. 7


    3.2 Registered seismic shockwave

    Did you know that for building no. 7 a seismic shockwave was registered which was never made public?

    A shockwave caused by an explosion always has the form of a sharp spike

    Seismic wave of destruction of WTC-1 (red curve, amplitude 2.3)

    Seismic wave of destruction of WTC-2 (orange curve, amplitude 2.1)

    Local copy:


    We requested data on the recorded shockwave of the WTC-7 destruction at "Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory", no response so far


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