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  • 2 Ground Zero

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    2.1 Decontamination

    Did you know that Ground Zero was regularly covered with fresh, clean loads of earth, the fills being removed and replaced after a few days, and that water vapor still steamed up one year after the event through the fills?

    Regular covering of Ground Zero with sand and removal after a few days


    2.2 The melting pot

    Did you know that a melting pot, i. e. a bed consisting of formerly molten rock was found under the World Trade Center?


    2.2.1 South Tower – the small pot

    (Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York, 2002)

    They were standing on top of a cauldron. They were standing on top of fires 2,000 degrees that raged for a hundred days.



    2.2.2 North Tower – the big pot

    Caverns of formerly molten granite under the Towers' foundations


    2.2.3 Nuclear test sites

    Example: scientific analysis of ground deformations after ignition (Balapan test site)

    Structure of the central zones after the explosion in borehole 102.

    The vertical lines labeled “B” are the post-test boreholes for sampling.


    1. Clay

    2. Gravel sediments

    3. Spall zone

    4. Cavity

    5. Zone of rock contortion

    6. Damaged zone

    7. High-density fissure zone

    8. Block fractured zone

    2.3 Infrared images

    Did you know that infrared images taken in October 2001 still show high temperatures coming from scorching hot steel in the base of the buildings?



    2.4 Wavelength and color of the "Tribute in Light"

    Did you know that the color of the blue "Tribute in Light" in New York coincides with the color of the blue Cherenkov radiation, caused by radioactivity?

    Source 1:
    Source 2:

    2.5 Water basins as radiation shield

    Did you know that water is an excellent shield against radioactive radiation?


    2.6 History lesson – Ground Zero

    Did you know that the term "Ground Zero" is – by definition – the place and level of the detonation of a nuclear weapon?

    Material ejection pattern of a shallow underground nuclear explosion


    Ground Zero underground explosion STORAX SEDAN


    Ground Zero in New York, WTC-1 – for comparison

    Source (page 134):

    2.7 History lesson – study of supercritical reactors (Borax)

    Did you know that several reactors were run supercritically on purpose and were then blown up while the danger of the radioactive fallout was downplayed?

    A detailed study regarding the possibility that a supercritical reactor was blown up on 9/11 is available at:

    2.7.1 Borax test series

    Test reactor Borax II in supercritical condition – prior to the intended explosion.

    Source (page 19; Story-of-BORAX-Reactor-by-Ray-Haroldsen-v2.pdf
    Local copy:

    Test reactor Borax II during the explosion (after the ejection of the neutron control rods)

    Source (page 29; Story-of-BORAX-Reactor-by-Ray-Haroldsen-v2.pdf
    Local copy:

    Deliberately exploding a nuclear reactor that is already at a supercritical stage


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